The Key for Happiness – Self Acceptance

Positive Statement

In this age of self help books, self important work shops – when everything is pushing us to get better – get happier – get healthier

we only seem to get more depress and isolate from out true nature everyday.

While becoming better and having goals in life is not at all a negative thing, it can have a negative effect on our current state of being, as it can lead to:

Not accept what we are right now

Yes you can strive to become better in whatever field you are interested in – you should always remember that you are

Perfect right now as you are

why? well simply because this is what you are right now

My friend once told me a story about him going for the first few times to a yoga class with a wise yoga teacher.

my friends was one of this guys who have a big competitive drive inside of him and always wanted to do the most complex yoga drills.

and when he couldn’t do it – he got upset.

The yoga teacher saw that and always told my friend

This is what we have for today – that’s what we have.

what he meant is not being happy with what or how you are right now – its simply getting into a fight with life itself.

and thats a very pointless thing to do.

Stop chasing perfection – when you are doing that you are running away from happiness, well being and joy.

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